A Digital Marketing Agency is Expensive. Yotis is Not.

With our extensive training library and on-demand consulting you can easily run your own digital marketing campaigns, or ask us for some help along the way.

No retainers. No minimum spend. Just results.

Welcome to Yotis

What is Yotis?

A digital marketing agency with no retainer or minimums combined with a library of tutorials for the stuff you want to handle yourself.

Whether you're a marketing expert looking to sharpen your skills or a new business owner trying to run Facebook ads for the first time we can help! You can start by browsing our extensive library of tutorial videos and if you need some help with ad designs, keyword research or anything else simply submit a request and an expert digital marketing team member will be happy to assist you.

A library of tutorial videos covering marketing, advertising and websites

Our extensive library of tutorials includes:

  • Social Ads (Facebok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • PPC Ads (Google, Bing)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • And so much more!

Access to expert designers, marketers and web developers

What makes us unique is that team behind the creation of Yotis is also available to Yotis members for one-on-one training, consulting and design work. Through your Yotis dashboard you can request:

  • Design Work (ads, website graphics, emails, etc)
  • Campaign Consulting (keyword research, CPC analysis, etc)
  • Sales Training (phone scripts, pitch suggestions, etc)
  • Website Optimization (SEO, conversion optimization, etc)
  • Cybersecurity (best practices, security questions, etc)

Who is Yotis?

Every Yotis subscriber has full access to Mule Group team members.

Mule Group is made up of three companies in Boston, MA:

  • Founded in 2010, Yelling Mule is a top ranked web design company with over 1,000 websites completed to date.
  • Mule Media, an award winning digital marketing agency, was launched in 2016 to expand Yelling Mule's digital marketing services.
  • Mule Force is a full service cybersecurity company offering website security, network security, penetration testing and much more.

Ready to take control of your marketing?